Kaleidoscope Rainbow Bunny



Awash in a playful pastel pattern of tie dye colors, Kaleidoscope the Rainbow Bunny stuffed animal celebrates the vibrancy of the springtime season! Sitting at 12” tall, this sweet rabbit is perfectly sized for cuddling. Indulge yourself with the delightfully curly texture of Kaleidoscope’s plush coat with every hug. Boasting irresistibly soft materials and a floppy body designed to melt into your arms, it’ll be hard to put her down. Oversized lop ears and inquisitive dark eyes create an expression that will win Kaleidoscope new friends wherever she goes. Display her next to an Easter basket this season or keep this colorful plush Bunny all to yourself!

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24 Months & Up


12" Sitting


(30 cm)



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Customer Reviews

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Wendy Trumpold
Rainbow bunny

Love it soft and very cuddly

Tiffany L
Giant rainbow bunny

Rainbow Bunny is HUGE! Definitely one to grow into for our 5 year old who is obsessed with rabbits. The furry is soft, but somewhat a corse Sherpa type fabric. It’s almost a like soft upholstery cloth and not a minky fabric. This is probably for the best because it will wear much better. The colors are vibrant and lean more on the pinks being 50%. So, yes one pricy Bunny, but if your heart is set on a durable large rainbow rabbit, this is probably the one!

Emily Canada
In awe of how beautiful this toy is

Took my kids to the toy store yesterday and we absolutely fell in love with this bunny. The most beautiful texture and feel of any toy I’ve felt—I am in awe of the quality and the comfort this toy brings. I’ve been searching to see if there’s any other Douglas toys that are similar. Worth the money—this toy is one that will be cherished forever. My 6 year old daughter is so happy to have it, thank you:)

Winner with my Autistic Daughter

My seven year old daughter is Autistic, she’s very particular with textures having sensory processing issues. Douglas stuffed animals are absolutely the best! It’s very difficult to find stuffed Animals for my daughter she loves Kaleidoscope the bunny and Ramsey the Rabbit, sleeps with them every night even takes them to her doctor’s appointments for comfort to ease her anxiety. Thanks Douglas for making the best quality stuffed animals ever!