Jaxton Rainbow Dog Fuzzle


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With his colorful plush coat of shaggy fur, Jaxton the Rainbow Fuzzle is an exciting andfun companion like no other! Patches of purple, yellow, teal, and apricot make upJaxton?s whimsical appearance and set him apart from all the other dogs! Look into hisrose colored eyes to discover an exciting fantasy sparkle. Jaxton?s long floppy body isstuffed with the softest polyester fill making him an appealing friend to snuggle up withand cuddle. With his adorable floppy ears, furry puppy paws, and a long fluffy tail, thisfanciful plush pup is utterly irresistible. Bring home Jaxton the Rainbow Fuzzle Dogtoday and let this magical hound lead the way to an enchanting world of imaginationand whimsy!

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