Gunner Gray Sheepdog


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With his floppy paws and gloriously shaggy coat of grey and white plush fur, Gunner theDLux Gray Sheepdog plush is a breed specific representation of this distinguishedherding dog! When he?s not bounding over the hills and across the fields, you?ll findGunner trying to make his way onto your lap for some love! And who could say no to hisendearing face and cuddly shape! We?ve selected the very finest materials to create theanimals in our DLux collection so Gunner is an absolute treat to hug and snuggle. Whenyou?re ready to call it a day and kick back and relax, give a whistle for Gunner and he?llbe at your side in an instant!

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Weight 10.2 oz
Dimensions 20 in

Sheep Dog


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