George Corgi Handful, Large



George the plush Handful Corgi gets a lot of lovin’ and we think we know why! With his
buttery soft plush fur and gently weighted body, our lovable Corgi is hard to put down!
Combine that with the appealing roly poly puppy pose our Handful animals are known
for and you won’t be able to turn him away. Featuring realistic colors and breed specific
markings, George’s appearance will appeal to fans of this beloved Welsh breed. Bright,
amber colored eyes and a black, sculpted nose give George a lifelike expression that’s
easy to love. Combine that with his oversized ears and lovable wiggle butt, and it’s easy
to see why this Corgi stuffed animal effortlessly wins the favor of dog lovers of all ages!

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Dimensions 9 × 4 in

24 Months & Up




Lil' Handful Pups

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