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Douglas specializes in creating distinctive plush representations of dog breeds that are rare and hard to find! Phoebe is a cuddly plush Pomsky, a lovable mix of Pomeranian and Husky. Her alert, triangular ears and a fluffy plume tail that curves over her back can be attributed to her spitz breed heritage. She has been designed with a bright white coat of soft plush fur and an elegant stand up pose. Phoebe’s small paws and snout lend her a touch of daintiness and charm, while soulful, golden eyes give this lively stuffed animal a lifelike expression that will engage with dog lovers of all ages. Don’t miss out on this endearing charmer, bring home an unusual plush puppy today with Phoebe the Pomsky!

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Weight5.2 oz
Dimensions6 × 9 × 4 in


Stuffed Toy Size



10" Long


(25 cm)


24 Months & Up

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Customer Reviews

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Lindsey Creager

Phoebe Pomsky

Absolutely adorable!

Super fluffy and soft, has the sweetest little face, it's very well made! Bigger than I thought it would be too, judging by the dimensions. I might have to get a second one!

Absolutely Wonderful!!

This little puppy is simply one of the cutest plush ever! I bought it for my mum as a Christmas gift. When the package arrived and I opened the box, I scream in excitement! She is so incredibly lovely~ When you look at her, and she looks right back at you, my heart melts. Then a sinister thought comes to mind, I shall keep it for myself instead. Muahahaha... Another thing worth mentioning about this puppy is the gorgeous tail, it makes her look like a superstar. If you like a white puppy, this is definitely the one for you. I can't wait for Christmas to come, Hohoho.

Still soft

Bought this 2 years ago on amazon she is still very soft and cuddly looks better then the picture and has the best tail ever.

Very True to the Picture

The stuffed animal looks exactly like the picture and is very cute, you can easily stuff it along or carry it along with you. However, I only wish it was more soft and cuddlier instead of so stiff. Not to mention, it can also stand on its own.