Black & White Kitten Lil’ Handful



The tough alley cat life is overrated, this soft Black and White Lil’ Handful Kitten plush
only wishes to be held and cuddled! And measuring a wee 6 inches long, he’s just the
right size to cradle in your hands. Crafted with luxuriously silky white and charcoal
colored fur, our adorable kitten begs to be picked up and never put down! Featuring
white accents on his face and paws and a little pink flocked nose, this little stuffed
animal is sure to become a favorite. Adopt him today or choose another color from our
litter of Handful kittens. Douglas Handful plush toys are now available in two sizes.
Additionally, we offer a wide assortment of different critters, so you are sure to find a
perfect plush for every occasion!

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Dimensions 6 in