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There’s a rumble in the jungle and you’re invited! Bananas is our funky Monkey stuffed animal and he’ll be the one to show you a day of fun and imaginative diversions! Crafted is cuddly plush fur that features a mixture of natural colors and appealing textures, we guarantee you won’t meet a more huggable Monkey! Silky polyester fill within ensures Bananas will bounce back after every snuggle. Long arms and legs will invite you to interact and engage with him, while small, dark eyes and a whimsical grin reveal this lovable primate’s playful personality. His mischievous expression is sure to bring a smile to your face. Bring Bananas the plush Monkey home today and let yourself fall for his charms!

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Weight 7.4 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 5 in

24 Months & Up


(23 cm)


9" Sitting, 15" Overall

Stuffed Toy Size




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Bananas Monkey from our store Douglas Toys.

My son loves the monkey as it is his 2nd one!!!

Super soft

Well made and oh so cute very soft and cuddly!!! Gave one as a gift then re bought for my child it was so great!

Going Bananas Over Machine Washing Monkey

My grandson had two favorite monkeys and has rejected others. He has accepted this friend into his inner circle and now there are three friends! He spilled milk all over him and my daughter had no choice but to machine wash him. She was amazed and went 'bananas' over how well the monkey survived the process.

Bananas Monkey

I love your plush toys! Recently purchased Bananas Monkey for a gift and was very pleased at the size, cute expression, and soft fur. This is the fifth Douglas plush gift that I have purchased and all of them have been exceptionally cute and well-made. I have been very pleased with your product and the pricing. Thank you!

Bananas Monkey

Frankly, I was disappointed in the mottled colors. The photo shows the monkey being mostly light brown...and that's what I wanted. But the monkey I received has way too much black. The monkey looks odd.

Hi there, thank you for the feedback! Sometimes with material like this monkey the color way may vary a bit from monkey to monkey. Depending which part of the fabric is used to make that particular piece (if that makes sense!). If you aren't happy with it we are happy to send you a replacement - however, there is no guarantee on the exact coloration. Please send us a note to and we'd be happy to send a replacement your way.