NEW Designs for 2018

Don’t miss these brand NEW designs for 2018! The team at Douglas is excited and proud to release the latest, oh-so-cuddly, and unique stuffed animal friends! Looking for a new friend? Discover our NEW plush Pika, new dogs and puppies and our Large Handful friends.

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  • Carly Sea Blue Mermaid

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  • Stretch Squid

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  • Archie Humpback Whale

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  • Hugo Whale Shark, Large

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  • Bubbles Rainbow Narwhal

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  • Best Seller

    Rainbow Narwhal, Medium

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  • Sapphire Favorite Unicorn Plush

    Best Seller

    Sapphire Princess Unicorn

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  • Best Seller

    Ivy Hanging Sloth

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  • Bo Pug

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  • Best Seller

    Olivia Ostrich

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  • Cara Turquoise Octopus

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  • Moxie Portuguese Water Dog

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