Llamas & Hedgehogs and Sloths!

Discover a wild world of llamas, hedgehogs and sloths! These charming and lifelike—but oh-so-cuddly—creatures are a few of our favorite friends at Douglas. With unmatched realism, you’ll be amazed that these stuffed animals aren’t real. Meet your new best friend today!

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  • Llamacorn Sassy Sak

    Llamacorn Sassy Sak

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  • Alice Alpaca

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  • Long haired llama stuffed animal

    Lexi Llama

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  • pink llamacorn


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  • Lola Llama

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  • Llama Board Book

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  • Hedgehog Board Book

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  • Spunky Hedgehog With Ears

    Spunky Hedgehog With Ears

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  • Llama Sassy Sak

    Llama Sassy Sak

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  • Evelyn Llama

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  • Best Seller

    Zephyr Llama

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  • Spunky Hedgehog Holiday Hat

    Spunky Hedgehog

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