Easter Favorites

Find all of Douglas Easter Favorites from pigs, bunnies, and even hedgehogs! Douglas plush spring animals include some of our new products as well as some of our favorite past plush animals.  These stuffed animals are cuddly yet life-like. Bring your favorite easter animal home.

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  • chicks

    Chick Assortment – Yellow, Brown & Black

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  • yellow duck

    Millie Duck w/ Sound & Bunny Ears – set of 2

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  • Bitty Bunnies

    Lil’ Bitty Bunny Pair – Confetti and Cotton Candy

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  • Llamacorn Sassy Sak

    Llamacorn Sassy Sak

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  • Sloth Sassy Sak

    Sloth Sassy Sak

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  • Stuffed Swan

    Savannah Swan

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  • Hildy Floppy Lamb

    Hildy Floppy Lamb

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  • Alice Alpaca

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  • Long haired llama stuffed animal

    Lexi Llama

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  • Large Brown Bunny

    Handful Mocha Chip Large Bunny

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  • Handful Large Gray Bunny

    Handful Gray Large Bunny

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  • Deluxe Large Bunny

    Chantilly Deluxe Large Bunny

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