Unicorns & Fantasy Horses

Discover one of Douglas’ most popular categories! Unicorns are known throughout history for their purity and grace, and Douglas’ collection is no different. Unicorns have been a highly sought after animal throughout history and can be traced all the way back to ancient Greek mythology. Stories say that they even had magical powers! It’s time to find your magical unicorn!

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    Rainbow Unicorn Macaroon

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  • Suki Mini Unicorn

    Suki Mini Unicorn

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  • Sapphire Favorite Unicorn Plush

    Best Seller

    Sapphire Princess Unicorn

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  • Pink Princess Horse Sassy Pet Sak

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  • Unicorn Princess Sassy Sak

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  • Violet Princess Horse

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  • Jules Princess Unicorn

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  • Serafina White Unicorn

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  • Pax Unicorn

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  • Jewel Pegasus

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  • Abracadabra Unicorn

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  • Sunbeam Unicorn

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