One of Douglas’ most popular categories is the Wildlife stuffed animals because we have something for everyone! These stuffed animals are designed by our team of highly talented New Hampshire natives who know a thing or two about wildlife! Take an adventure through the woods with our wolf pack or soar through the night with our owl collection. From adorable plush hedgehog stuffed animal to ultra-realistic fox and moose almost all critters are represented. With unmatched realism, you’ll be amazed that these stuffed animals aren’t real! Explore Douglas’ Cuddle Toys collection today and meet your new best friend!

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    Spikey Hedgehog Sak with Hedgehog

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  • Swoop Barn Owl

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  • Percy Porcupine

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  • Shrill Saw-Whet Owl

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    Atka Wolf

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  • Adler Eagle

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    Legend Snowy Owl

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  • Einstein Great Horned Owl

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  • Crescent Silver Owl

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  • Smoke Wolf

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  • Fitzgerald Longhorn

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