Jungle and Zoo

Visit your local Douglas Zoo! We are proud to offer an assortment of jungle and zoo-themed stuffed animals. Shop monkeys, alligators, elephants, giraffes, hippos, lions, tigers, and bears! Our soft and cuddly jungle and zoo friends are great for play and snuggling! Explore the open plains with the Douglas’ lions and giraffes or swim through the rivers with the alligators. Whatever adventure you pick, your Douglas cuddle toy friend will always be ready.

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  • stuffed animal slothicorn with rainbow tail



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  • Libby Sloth

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  • Jungle Leaf Sak with Sloth

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  • Linnea Rainbow Slothicorn

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  • Rainbow Sloth Fur Fuzzle Crossbody

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  • Gordy Jumbo Sloth

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  • Best Seller

    Ivy Hanging Sloth

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  • Chaz Sloth – Large Handful

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    Sylvie Sloth

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    Simon Sloth

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