Our most popular stuffed animals are puppies and wildlife. What is your favorite animal? We are sure to have your favorite here including horses, whales, buffalo, giraffes, pandas, and kittens. Our collection is a sure crowd pleaser and snuggle-worthy. With realistic design, fluffy feel and available in different sizes, click a category on the left to browse for your next favorite stuffed animal. Looking for a great gift for a little boy or little girl? You will be sure to find one or more stuffed animals here. We guarantee that kids and adults will fall in love with each and every animal.

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  • Luxurious Plush Bunny

    Chantilly Deluxe Medium Bunny

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  • Confetti - The Easter Bunny

    Confetti Bunny

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  • Spotted Giraffe Plumpie

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  • Spotted Giraffe Lil’ Sshlumpie Teether Blankie

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  • Mosaic Brown Dapple Foal

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  • Snowball White Cat

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  • Nickel Grey Stripe Cat

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  • Camilla Chinchilla

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  • Nikita Husky

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  • Scully Seagull with Pirate Hat

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  • Willie Navy Whale

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  • Winky Octopus

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