Fantasy Creatures

Magical Friends!

Meet the fantastical creatures of myths and legends in Douglas' Fantasy Collection. Inspire a world of wonder and imagination!

Fabulous and Snuggly Unicorns!

Unicorns are known for their purity and grace! Douglas’ imaginative Unicorn Collection is no different. Find a new magical friend today!

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Unicorns & Fantasy Horses Favorites

Jules Princess Unicorn

$15.95 Add to cart

Serafina White Unicorn

$8.45 Add to cart

Abracadabra Unicorn

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Stumbles Rainbow Unicorn

$29.95 Add to cart

Jewel Pegasus

$22.95 Add to cart

Pax Unicorn

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Unicorn Princess Sassy Sak

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Dragons were once feared creatures of the land but you wouldn’t know by Douglas’ magical Dragon Collection.

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Soar with our favorite dragons!

Midas Dragon

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Aragon Large Navy Dragon

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Faust Silver Dragon

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Topaz Goldon Dragon

$20.95 Add to cart

Homer Dragon, Small

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Merlin Black/Gold Dragon

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Ruby Red Dragon

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Colorful Fur Fuzzles

Fanciful and fun! Our NEW Fur Fuzzle Collection is sure to inspire imagination.

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Fantasy Friend Favorites

Bubbles Rainbow Narwhal Large

$69.95 Add to cart

Izzy Rainbow Owl

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Stumbles Rainbow Unicorn

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Rainbow Unicorn Pom Clip

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Best Seller

Caticorn Crossbody

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Hot Pink Unicorn Crossbody

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Explore the depths of Douglas’ Fantasy collection and discover our Mermaids! Unlike real Mermaids, ours are not hiding in the sea and have come out to play!

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Mermaid Favorites

Pink Mermaid Sassy Pet Sak

$19.45 Add to cart

Carly Sea Blue Mermaid

$15.45 Add to cart

Arissa Rainbow Mermaid – Large

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DreamyFins Mermaid Tail – Pink

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NEW Light-Up Fun!

Light up Unicorn

NEW Light-Up Fun!

Don't miss our new Light & Sound Collection! These ever so soft and magical plush friends are interactive and magical.


NEW Light & Sound Collection

Misty the Narwhal

Misty Narwhal Light & Sound

$39.95 Add to cart
Shreya Light and Sound

Shreya Draon Light & Sound

$39.95 Add to cart

Inspire Imaginations!

Enter a fantastical world of mermaids, unicorns, dragons and more with Douglas' Fantasy Collection.