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Fly-Away Dresses

Intricate dresses with tulle layering, satin and elastic. Embroidered details and wings firmly attached to dress. Soft elastic finger loops on wings.

Amazing attention to detail, quality and whimsy!

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  • 50667-50867-50967 FRONT

    Bumblebee Dress

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  • 50882-Pink-Fairy-Dress-Model-Back copy

    Fairy Dress

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  • 50985

    Fairy Rainbow Dress

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  • 50666-50866-50966 FRONT

    Ladybird Dress

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  • 50669-50869-50969 FRONT

    Monarch Dress

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  • 50899-Peacock-Dress-Model-Back copy

    Peacock Dress

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  • 50660-50860-50960 FRONT

    Pink Butterfly Dress

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